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Why Every Vehicle Owner
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Upgrade your CarPlay Experience with this ultimate wireless car adapter!

Enhance Your Car Experience
Meet The Top Rated Car Adapter

Upgrade to the The Top rated Advanced Wireless CarPlay Adapter. Simply plug and play for instant wireless connectivity to Apple CarPlay. Seamlessly switch between multiple devices and vehicles with ease. Say goodbye to cords and hello to modernized CarPlay today!

Save big on costly upgrades with The Most Advanced Wireless CarPlay Adapter! Instead of investing in a new car with sky-high interest rates, modernize your CarPlay experience affordably.

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Why Choose This Car Adapter
Small Size - Big Features

The top rated Car Adapter is loaded with award winning features that makes it the best-in-class vehicle gadget. Check out the amazing features!

Wireless Connectivity

Enjoy hassle-free connectivity to CarPlay wirelessly.

Original Control

Keep your original car controls, from touchscreen, knob to wheel control.


Connect automatically every time you start your car after the first setup.


Compatible with Apple devices, and most car models.

Simple Setup

Effortless and simple installation to enjoy wireless connection instantly.

Slim and
Compact Design

Easy to carry with a portable, slim and compact design.

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6 Reasons You Need A Car Adapter
Reasons To Purchase

Cut expenses significantly. Rather than sinking funds into a new car burdened with exorbitant interest rates, see why you need to opt for an affordable upgrade to modernize your CarPlay experience.

Cost Effective Upgrade

Transform your car's entertainment system affordably, sidestepping the expense of purchasing a new vehicle with advanced features.

Wire-Free Convenience

Experience the ease of wireless connectivity to Apple CarPlay, eliminating the frustration of tangled cords.

Simple Installation

Effortlessly set up the car adapter with your CarPlay USB port, getting you ready to roll in minutes.

Seamless Connection

Once synced, your phone connects automatically to Ezy Tech Adapter, ensuring smooth access to Wireless CarPlay throughout your journey.

Flexible Pairing

Switch effortlessly between multiple devices and vehicles, providing versatile connectivity tailored to your preferences.

Future-Proof Your Ride

Keep your vehicle at the forefront of technology without costly upgrades, ensuring a contemporary driving experience for years to come.

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Enhance Your Car Experience
Make The Smart Choice

There are a number of car adapters available in the market, but don't be lured by low prices & compromise on your car journey! Find out how our Car Adapter stacks up against the competition & take your pick!

  • Automatic Connection
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Flexible Compatibility
  • Keep Original Control
  • Slim And Compact Design
  • Money Back Guarantee

HD Cam

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Order yours today to upgrade your drive everyday!

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See What Customers Have to Say
Our Customers Love Us

Must Recommend!

The wireless Carplay adapter works great! I no longer have to struggle to connect my phone with a USB cable. The best part is that it automatically connects to Carplay every time I start my car. very convenient and the adapter is very reliable and totally worth the money!

Colleen J.

Verified Buyer

A Real Game Changer!

Plug and play, easy to install and easy to use. Problem-free and extremely stable every time you connect. The adapter combines reliability and convenience. It's such a relief to never have to deal with wires again.

Greg S.

Verified Buyer

Works Great!

Once you experience wireless CarPlay, it is tough to go back to wired. I wasn't sure what to expect with this adapter, but it really did work right away and without issue. I went into Bluetooth settings on my iphone, connected to the smartdongle, allowed it to use CarPlay, and within a second my phone showed up on the car infotainment screen.

Devin C.

Verified Buyer

Michael R.

Verified Buyer

Car Adapter

I'd give it 10 stars if I could!

I've tried three other CarPlay adapters that all claim 'wide compatibility' or 'works with any wire CarPlay stereo' and none have worked well. At best I could get some to work if I started the car without the adapter plugged in and then waited 30-60 seconds before connecting the adapter - and even then it would work 25% of the time.

Jonathan B.

Verified Buyer

Car Adapter

Easy Setup, works like a charm!

The package includes a USB-A to USB-C adapter, in case it's needed. Setup was easy by following the clear instructions to pair it using Bluetooth. Installed in my wife's car, she loves the convenience of using Carplay without having to plug a cable into her phone. It's one less thing to do and, not having to deal with a cable, keeps her car looking neat. Everything works as usual and there's no lag with Siri or GPS commands. All the available apps work just as before. I tucked it away in a small tray in the console and it's unnoticeable. Slightly less than 2in in diameter and about 0.5 in thick, it's easy to dismiss. A nice little gadget that does its job well.

Andrea D.

Verified Buyer

Car Adapter

Easy to setup and Use!

This was so easy to set up. Just plugged it into my cars USB, and paired with my phone. It has worked well. There were two times that my phone did not connect to it, but I just unplugged the device, plugged it back in and it worked. That may seem annoying, but I was having to plug my phone in everytime I got in, so this is no big deal. Besides, it's probably user error! I did have it plugged in my center console, but I have taken it out to see if I continue to have any issues.

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